To gather all the experience and knowledge you see on this site,
it took Artur Schröder 28 years.

And it takes only a few seconds to load.




If you don‘t know this dude,
you‘re probably wondering...


In that case, we would love to present to you
three short stories about Artur Schröder.


Born on the 16th of December 1988, Artur Schröder
showed a talent for art and design very early on and
started designing with Photoshop…


Not like this!

You don‘t want to read another boring old
list of experiences and stuff.
You have a busy day, you read enough of this stuff.

Let‘s make this special!


What if we turn
Artur Schröder into...


...a piece of
graphics software?


What features would it have?
What would Artur Schröder 2.0 look like?

Or even the first beta?


We had a dream.

We set out to create a powerful tool for image creation
and editing. A revolutionary application for the creative professional.
One that would take any challenge. That would grow
in a rapid pace.

One that would create beautiful images.

One that will be perfect, after learning on its own.

But of course,
it all has to start somewhere.


Everything starts with the first beta steps.


Release Notes

On December 16th, 1988, a little software called Artur Schröder was released.

With a passion for creation and a hunger for the new, Artur Schröder started out running on a humble Macintosh 128k computer. As a beta on a floppy disc.

It wasn’t entirely clear that this tiny bit of code had a huge artistic potential, until it started using its build in AI to teach itself the fundamentals of design.


“The beta that couldn’t be greater!”

The New York Rhymes


System Requirements


Macintosh 128k




Bottle of Milk

a Teddy Bear




Pen & Paper

As all little betas at all times, this one began its artistic career with colored pens and a piece of paper.

Discovering its artistic abilities, it moved on to what established Artur Schröder as a creative tool.

Growing out of the beta.

Serving multiple years in school learning a variety of topics, Artur Schröder 0.1 realized that his talents were better served by creative professionals.

Especially after a very important piece of software became compatible with this first beta. Opening the door for the ensuing years of creative work.


Compatibility with Photoshop

With a much anticipated update, Artur Schröder finally recieved full Photoshop compatibility.

This marked the beginning of a new era of design done with Artur Schröder. The ensuing years tunred out to be just as creative as they were constantly of higher quality.

Thanks to one ingredient in the software that made it all possible.

The biggest feature and...

...the engine behind everything:


Autodidact Engine 1

Self-learning. And curious.

When we began work on Artur Schröder, we knew we had to take the future into account. Being used by a variety of clients, we thought we could build an engine that would learn every time it was being used. Teaching itself to become fully self-sufficient.

Since the very first version, Artur Schröder has taught itself everything about designing. All on its own

The following version history of Artur Schröder will show that there is no limit to what the Autodidact Engine can learn. And design.

With every client it went into a new area. A new discipline.
And its first full version.


From self-learned to self-employed.


Release Notes

Released in early 2005. And self-employed right out of the box!

Highly independently it was now serving a wide variety of customers, constantly being extended with Plugins that widened its range to a lot of different design principles.

Frequent updates kept it at the pulse of modern design and added support for business integration - such as customer acquisition, billing and project management & organizing.


“The first version is a quality and quantity immersion.”

The New York Rhymes


System Requirements


iBook G4


Graphics tablet



Red Bull



From music to photography. From games to a bakery.

Being self-employed allowed Artur Schröder 1.0 to dive into
a vast array of design areas and disciplines.

Keep on scrolling and click the arrows
to enlarge the images!


Web & Logo design.

A band knows their image. So must the website. Creating a website for a band
is a very special thing. They know exactly what reflects their style.
In close collaboration we taught their website to do the same.


Web design & Photography

Artur Schröder 1.0 received the chance to use its photography extension
for a client who is running a bakery. Designing not only the website, but also
controlling the look of the delicious goods that it advertises.


Web, Logo & Icon design.

Playfulness was more than welcome in this design. It reflects the playful nature
of the signature service that this client offers to his users. And what better
way to be playful than with colorful, exclusively designed icons.

The whole package. One client at a time.

Of course it can get deeper than that. Artur Schröder 1.0 was able
to use all these skills on one client at a time. Delivering the whole package.
And more.


“Eins + Eins = Eins für immer.”

Web, Print, Slogan, Image, Colors, Identity. The corporate design of this
photography client is a great example of Artur Schröder 1.0
planning and executing one pure design language.

One slogan to love. Forever.

In addition to being a high functioning graphics software, Artur Schröder is also quite nifty with slogans. The goal was a slogan that made the loving prospective clients fall in love with right away. And see themselves in it.


Two sides.
One first impression.

Waking interest on the one side - with a seemingly simple question - and convincing on the inside - with an unexpected answer. And calling to action on the outside, with the contact information.

“Das Ja? Das Herz?
Oder beides?”

One of the proudest logos that was created using Artur Schröder 1.0: the lines convey a heart, and the most important word for the loving couple: yes. All in one.


Switching themes. And styles.

The nature of being self-employed is so that you have to switch between
different styles, different areas, different disciplines in a heartbeat.
And often in the same day.


Gaming. Browser gaming.

Artur Schröder 1.0 being a graphics software, it immediately latched on
to the opportunity to design for a different kind of software:
gaming within the browser.

Web & Logo design.

Given the nature of browser games everything had to be big, complex and stick out to the eye of the viewer. Convincing with graphical eye candy was the job that Artur Schröder 1.0 was given.


Icons. At great scale.

Detailed. Three-dimensional. Yet playful. The icons that Artur Schröder 1.0 designed for this game range from an axe and a fish all the way to a treasure map and mythical statues. And a dog.

Interface. Setting the atmosphere.

Setting the right atmosphere for the user starts with the website, which conveys the general theme and is being picked up again once the user gets into the game - seeing the interface that helps the user dive into this world.


Research. And understanding.

To make all this possible Artur Schröder 1.0 had to learn that researching
the particular field in which its client operates is as essential
as the quality that results in the design.

A colorful field of creativity.

Mountains, hamsters, lemons and elements. And different styles throughout.
Printed or placed on a site as pixels. Eight years of self-employment
allowed Artur Schröder 1.0 a wide range of creative output.


Design is not enough.

Or rather merely the second chapter. The first chapter is getting the client in the first place.
To help with this, Artur Schröder 1.0 was updated
with one important extension.

Design & Business. Everything is covered.

Designing wasn’t the only thing Artur Schröder 1.0 needed to take care of.
With the built-in enterprise extension it was able to design and organize in harmony.
To the satisfaction of the client.


Acquisition & Pitching.

What would Artur Schröder 1.0 be without clients?
To never having to answer that question it
constantly kept pace with the market - and convinced
new clients with creative pitches
and extraordinary work.

Planning & Executing.

From the first idea, to the fully worked out concept,
up until the first finished version: Artur Schröder 1.0
planned out everything - in constant
communication and collaboration with the client.



To keep its customers, to make them happy, to satisfy
them and eventually to retain them, Artur Schröder 1.0
constantly worked under strict deadlines and - for both
the intermediate result and the final product - complied
with them dutifully.

The perfect study in quality and quantity.
And more than enough experience to feed…

...the engine behind everything:


Autodidact Engine 2

Experienced. And thinking forward.

Every challenge was a chance to grow. And eight years of continuous growth have elevated Artur Schröder into a professional graphics software - ready to take on its biggest challenge.

Everything from the now discontinued version 1.0 has been brought over and put to use in the most efficient and focused way ever.

And therefore deserving of the title 2.0.


Employed. Exclusive. Focused.


Release Notes

Released in mid 2013. And immediately hired by the MeinProspekt GmbH as it’s only graphic designer.

Many responsibilities. One focus. Being permanently employed allowed Artur Schröder 2.0 to focus on one client, one design language, one product platform.

This focus allowed the Artur Schröder 2.0 version to fully concentrate on its passion: design.


“The new number two is fantastic in our view.”

The New York Rhymes




Corporate design. One style, many possibilities.

Artur Schröder 2.0 was able to use his experience in corporate design and
print to redo the entire visual identity of MeinProspekt.
In a modern and playful way.


Uniform visual language.

Friendly or serious? Colorful or monotone? What image do you want your brand to portrait?
All these questions have to be answered in the design process
- and so they were.


Same logo. But modern.

Of course the visual language extends to the logo - in this case Artur Schröder 2.0
modernized the established logo. One color - depending on the background.
Switching between white and the MeinProspekt orange.


The little things.

Get your brand out there. For the users and the employes. A shopping bag for a subscription.
A cleaning cloth for the phone of every employee. And a chip for the
shopping cart for everyone - reflecting the theme of MeinProspekt.

A brand. And a personality.

Intuitively recognizable. Easy on the eyes. A brand can have a personality that can not be
measured by numbers. It can be felt by the user and the employees alike.
And its doesn’t have to stop there.

Going further. And mobile.

The mobile plug-in to Artur Schröder 2.0 gave it the ability to
design for the ubiquitous mobile devices of today.
Completing the corporate design.


Mobile & modern experience.

Supporting iOS & Android, Artur Schröder 2.0 designed and prototyped
User Experiences for the two most popular platforms.


Bigger canvas. Same mentality.

A giant screen in front of your eyes - yet the same experience the user
knows and loves. There is nothing new to learn,
yet a lot more to see.


Comfort of your home. Or office.

Designed to be more than just a service that delivers information, it is build to be a discovery.
An experience that makes the user come back and enjoy more. And also get informed. No matter where they are,
the user can enjoy and get the most out of their apps and web services by having a consistent style.



One style for all devices. Or rather one experience for all users. The platform-convergence
was a big challenge for Artur Schröder 2.0. Testing the limits, it resulted in something
beautiful - and a more than worthy learning experience.

Platform independent. User oriented.

Using a service can be an adventure. No matter what you deliver to the user. No matter what the subject.
No matter whether the user experiences it consciously or subconsciously - the experience will leave a trace
- and the user will trace it back to your app. On every device.

Prototyping. Pixate.

To make the above platform-convergence happen, Artur Schröder 2.0 was updated with full compatibility with powerful prototyping software. Pixate and made it possible for Artur Schröder 2.0 to test and perfect the experience.


Cooking up an experience. And a business model.

Design is a soup that needs input from many cooks. The perfection of a product is directly linked to the efficiency of said product in many metrics: sales, SEO, software development and other branches. Communication and team work with said branches is essential.

Team work. And compatibility.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Pixate, Updates that brought more and more compatibility. And design efficiency.


Year: 2017. Goal: New challenge.

Equipped with over ten years of experience.
Bundled into…

...the engine behind everything:


Autodidact Engine 3

"Stay hungry. Stay foolish."

Learning from both the version 1.0 and the version 2.0 - all the while retaining the self teaching engine - now comes the most sophisticated upgrade ever to come out of what started as a tiny bit of code, curious and ambitious to learn everything
there is about design.

It remains a single-client application, continuing to put all its focus and ability to work for one single company.

Leaving only one question...


What‘s next?

Hold on.
One more thing.
Speaking of experience.


NEXT Munich. 2015 & 2016.
Agency creating Mobile Apps for iOS & Android.

Want to see more? Read on.

Pascher+Heinz Logo

Pascher+Heinz. 2016.
Creating Websites. Desktop & Mobile. And much more.

Want to see more? Keep going.

Two words:

So when do you see more?
Once we see each other!

As a sneak peak, here is an exclusive look at
the upcoming version of Artur Schröder:


Zero. One. Two. Artur Schröder 3.0

The combined knowledge and experience of the previous
versions. And also the combined feature set.
Ready to create something beautiful.

Install Artur Schröder 3.0
into your company now!


System Requirements


Thunderbolt Display

MacBook Pro

Keyboard & Trackpad


Adobe CC

Coffee in the morning

And of course...


... the chance to keep on learning.
And improving.

More and more.

How to secure yourself an exclusive copy of
Artur Schröder 3.0:


First, we
turn Artur Schröder...


... back into
a human being!


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